Anabolic Bodybuilding Supplements

Anabolic bodybuilding supplements – A guide for teenage boys

Anabolic Bodybuilding SupplementsThere are many boys under 20 who would like to pack muscle.

There is absolutely no problem with that. Whether you would like to look good or to have the strength of a powerful athlete, adding extra muscle to your physique is definitely the way to do it.

But we all know how difficult it is to build muscle. For teenage boys, who also have to balance school with training, it is even more difficult to get big.

That’s why some boys take supplements. Supplements provide the extra strength, the protein and the endurance to train with more intensity. They may not be magical pills but they will surely get you big.

This is a guide to anabolic bodybuilding supplements for teenage boys:

  1. Stick to safe anabolic bodybuilding supplements

There are safe supplements you can use. Supplements without any dangerous side effects. They include those from Anabolics .com and Crazy Mass stores. These supplements can give you the kind of strength, power and endurance you want.

  1. Stay away from steroids

Steroids are not safe for young boys. They contain chemicals that are harmful and can cause dangerous side effects even to adult users.

For instance, steroids like Dbol, which is a popular androgenic steroid used for increasing mass, can cause liver damage, kidney damage, cardiac arrest and sexual dysfunction. We recommend this natural alternative to dbol.

  1. Stick mostly to nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements are the best for teenage boys. As a young man, your body most likely has all the hormones in the right levels.

You probably only need extra protein to get as big as you want to be. So whey protein is good, egg protein, soy and casein protein can really go a long way in giving you the physique you want.

  1. Use creatine monohydrate for endurance

Some say that there is no other supplement that has been studied as much as creatine monohydrate.

Studies have revealed that it is perfect for teenagers and that it delays fatigue helping teenagers to train for longer which can help them to enhance their performance and to build more muscle.

However, before you try creatine, you should push yourself hard in the gym and see how much you can do without the supplements. Use what you can do as the benchmark to determine how much improvement creatine will give you.

  1. Avoid caffeine based anabolic supplements

Caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee and dark chocolate. As a teenager, you should avoid it and the supplements that come with it as it is known to cause harmful reactions when taken as a training supplement.

  1. Always take no more than the recommended dose of supplements

Stick to the recommended dose because overdosing can cause adverse effects even from very mild and very safe supplements.

  1. Always consult with a doctor

It is always good to consult a medical professional before starting to take any supplements.

A doctor may discover that your problem is low testosterone or that you have another condition that would be made worse by taking a certain kind of supplement. So the best thing to do is to consult a doctor to be sure that what you are about to do is the right thing.


Teenagers can take supplements. By following these tips a teenager can get big and guarantee himself safety at the same time.

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