Anabolic Results

Anabolic results during weightlifting – What does it mean to ladies?

Anabolic Results LadiesWomen who want to get big, usually eat well and train hard. However, those who want to get really big and to cut as much as possible at the same time, lift heavy weights.

In this article, we look at some of the anabolic results you can expect from weightlifting. We also discuss what these results mean for ladies. At the end of the article, we give a few recommendations to help you achieve some of the positive results faster.

What kind of anabolic results can women expect during weightlifting?

  1. Lean muscle growth

Nothing provides as much lean muscle growth as weightlifting. If you really want to get big and strong, you need to lift weights.

And don’t worry about getting excessively big as some female weightlifters you may have seen on fitness magazines.

Most of them take steroids and other banned substances. So if getting adding a kilogram or so of strong muscle is your goal, then you should definitely lift weights.

  1. Reduced body weight

If you would like to torch fat and cut water weight, then you will be happy to know that weightlifting can help you with that.

Unlike cardio exercises that burn fat only when you are doing them, weightlifting burns fat for an extended period of time, helping you lose weight even while you are resting. This is one of the most sought-after results of weightlifting.

  1. Increased core strength

Lifting weights gives you a stronger midsection. This is a very functional result of weightlifting.

Because it makes it easy for you to effortlessly go about your day-to-day chores without quickly getting tired.

For example, bending to pick heavy things from the floor will not be a difficult task. Neither will it be difficult for you to climb several flights of stairs.

  1. Defined physique

Weightlifting, especially in the form of squats can give your glutes and hips a nice definition making them pop out from the rest of your frame.

So if you really want to get sexy, you know you got to lift. Lifting also helps you to sculpt your physique; to cut out the love handles and any other unnecessary fat so that your abs, your thighs and other muscles pop out in all their glory.

Anabolcs for fat lossThese are the most common anabolic results for ladies who are weightlifting. They will turn you from an average Jane to hot Jane in a couple of months.

But remember, weightlifting alone will not give you these results. You need to also eat well and have sufficient rest.

For those who would like to get these results faster, you should know that there are supplements you could use. Supplements are not steroids.

Most modern supplements are natural and have no side effects. For example, there is Winn-50, which burns fat and helps you lose weight at the same time.


Weightlifting can get you looking like Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman.

Just make sure, you lift proper weights for your size, you eat well and you get enough sleep. In case you need to get the results faster, try proven supplements.

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