Best Cycle For Strength

Best Cycle For Strength: A Simple Guide for Teenagers

It is certainly a cool and exciting experience to be ripped. However, it is pretty pointless if you look all jacked and you do not have the strength to match your big body.

We have all come into contact with those guys that look like Thor himself but deadlift or bench press more than 100 Kgs.

Nothing beats the feeling of adding more and more weights after every set with bros looking through the corner of their eyes wondering when you are going to stop.

It feels pretty special, believe you me!

And as a teenager, that feeling will also be pretty special to you because you are still in school and all and you may be involved in sports that demand your new kind of power and energy.

Best Cycle For Strength

Here we are going to give you a short guide to help you put together the best cycle for strength.

  1. Nothing provides more strength and power than Dianabol

When it comes to promoting explosive muscle growth and strength, nothing beats Dianabol.

This steroid will give you significant increases in muscle and strength within a couple of days. It will also enable you to lift much more weight within a couple of weeks.

Some say it could bring about a 20% increase in strength in a few short weeks.

So any serious cycle for strength should include Dianabol.

  1. Anavar will give you strength and shed off any fat weight you are carrying around

Anavar is primarily a cutting steroid. However, it can give you incredible strength if taken at about 50 mg per day for short 6 to 8-week cycles.

The best thing about it is that it will flush water out of your body hence helping you with the aesthetics.

Anavar is also a fat-burner.

Looking for best strength and power stack? Click here for full guide.

  1. Trenbolone and Testosterone also provide strength

Apart from Dianabol and Anavar, Trenbolone and Testosterone are also popularly used in the bodybuilding community for boosting strength.

Some say that tren can increase your lifts by up to 40% in four weeks of serious use.

So you should also definitely consider them.

  1. You should probably use Anavar only as a teenager

Steroids are bad. There is no one arguing about that. However, some have more side effects than others.

The mildest steroid is Anavar. Therefore, if you really have to use steroids, it should be the only thing you use because you still have a long life ahead of you.

  1. Take only have the recommended dose

When you find cycles with Anavar or any of the other steroids we have mentioned in this guide, use only half the recommended daily or weekly dose.

This will minimize your risk of experience dangerous side effects.

Final word

Ideally, you should never take steroids. There are many natural supplements you can use to gain strength.

However, if it is a must for you to use them, use only Anavar because it is relatively mild. And if you have to stack them, make sure you only go for the steroids discussed in this guide for maximum strength.

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