Best Lean Muscle Stack

Best Lean Muscle Stack: Growth Hormone Stack Vs Cutting Stack

The fitness industry seems to have somehow come to an agreement: the era of uncontrolled bulking is over. Bodybuilders and regular Joes and Janes are no longer looking to mindlessly pack on mass.

People now want a lean and clean bulk. A growth in lean muscle tissue that does have to be followed up by a time wasting cutting phase.

That’s why today we face off the growth hormone stack and the cutting stack from anabolic com.

We will show you which one between the two of them can help you build muscle the smart way.

Best Lean Muscle Stack

Without any further delay, let’s dive into this best lean muscle stack guide.

The similarities

  1. They are both made of natural ingredients

Unlike other lean muscle stacks out there, these ones are mainly made of plant extracts and extremely safe base materials.

This means you do not have to worry about side effects when using either of the stacks.

  1. Both are effective at what they do

Both stacks are very effective at what they do. This is because they are made by a reputable manufacturer based right here in the US. The manufacturer uses science to formulate, test and blend all the company’s fitness supplements.

  1. They have some similar supplements

Test-600x and ThermoClen are found in both stacks.

The differences

  1. The Growth Hormone Stack is a better lean muscle stack than the cutting stack

The growth hormone stack is made of 5 distinct supplements including, the Pituitary Growth Hormone, Test-600x, Deca 200, D-Anabol 25, and ThermoClen.

The Pituitary Growth Hormone is the anchor supplement in this stack. It is a fantastic supplement full of amino acids and other patented ingredients that enable muscle growth, fat loss and mental focus.

D-Anabol, Deca 200, and Test-600x will make you experience incredible lean muscle growth. They will also boost your strength and stamina.

ThermoClen has natural ingredients that increase satiety (that feeling of fullness) hence reducing caloric intake. ThermoClen also acts like clenbuterol by increasing temperatures to speed up the rate of metabolism.

As mentioned, the cutting stack also has some of these very same supplements, however, it doesn’t have the Pituitary Growth Hormone, D-Anabol and Deca-200.

These supplements provide remarkable growth in lean body tissue, unlike the cutting stack whose supplements will only promote fat loss and prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue when cutting.

  1. The Growth hormone stack will not completely cut and chisel you

Muscle Lean Physique PillsIf you would like to build lean muscle mass so that you are big and at the same time sexy, then you are better off with the growth hormone stack.

The stack will give you look as if you are not trying too hard and is perfect for regular guys who are just trying to look good.

However, if you really want to vacuum clean every fat cell in your physique for a competition, you are better off with the cutting stack.

This is because the stack has additional cutting supplements like Winn-50 and Tren-75 that will incinerate even the most stubborn fat.


The best stack for you will depend on what you are really going for. However, the best for regular guys is the growth hormone stack because it promotes significant lean muscle growth.

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