Bodybuilding Anabolics

7 best bodybuilding anabolics foods

Most people are no longer willing to risk their health by taking synthetic drugs. There is now a huge shift towards safe and legal alternatives.

The most popular ones bodybuilding anabolics right now are natural supplements.

However, some people are also recognizing that there are “steroid” foods. Common foods that rev up the body’s ability to synthesize muscle.

The good news is that these foods are affordable, widely available and provide decent muscle gains when consumed regularly.

Here are seven of the best bodybuilding anabolics foods

bodybuilding anabolics foods

  1. Spinach

If there is a vegetable that should feature prominently in your diet, this should be it. Spinach is one of the superfoods cheaply available in most fresh food markets. It has minerals, vitamins and many nitrates.

The naturally existed nitrates are often converted into nitric oxide by the body. Elevation of nitric oxide levels in the body opens up capillaries enabling increased blood flow to muscles and body systems. This can give you the power to train with more intensity for longer.

Spinach also contains significant levels of dehydroepiandrosterone, which is known to boost strength and power. No other superfood provides so many body-building benefits in one serving.

  1. Ricotta cheese

This tasty food naturally elevates the levels of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in the body within two hours. This hormone triggers the release of IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor) hormone which, in turn, triggers the growth and repair of muscles. For this reason, it is considered one of the best pre and post workout snacks.

Every serving of this type of cheese is also rich in proteins, glutamine and calcium. You should definitely include it in your weekly diet.

  1. Avocado

This fruit contains potassium and boosts testosterone levels just like many supplements do. High levels of testosterone help build muscle and to enhance other muscular features.

Avocado also greatly improves cardiovascular health. If you won’t get it for its training benefits, get it for this.

You can make it into a guacamole, you can use it as a salad topping, or you could also try to make a habit of adding a few slices to your main meals. You will love how tasty it is and how much it could do for your workouts.

  1. Fish

Salmon, cod and tuna are fantastic sources of quality protein and good fats such as omega-3 and 6. Hence including them in your diet could boost your testosterone levels making you stronger and more powerful for high-intensity workouts.

Thus, fish have two benefits. They give your body the power to workout and the resources to rebuild damaged muscles after intense workouts.

  1. Chicken eggs

First of all, they are rich in quality protein. And make sure you eat the whole egg, you will get more protein that way. Protein is needed for muscle synthesis.

Then there is the fact that eggs are rich in good cholesterol. Cholesterol is a steroid that promotes muscle development. Furthermore, eggs also have good amounts of calcium and aspartic acid, which are crucial for important cellular functions.

Therefore, eating two to three eggs four days a week can do wonders for your physique especially if you are also training hard.

  1. Fava beans

In general, beans are a good source of cheap but quality muscle-building protein. Fava beans are even more special. One cup of the beans provides up to 13 grams of protein plus decent amounts of carbohydrate and fiber.

Fava beans also have L-Dopa, which promotes the production of dopamine which in turn can elevate the synthesis of HGH.

In other words, fava beans can really help you get the kind of growth you are looking for.

  1. Bananas

They can easily be included into diets as snacks, they boost libido and increases testosterone levels through its bromelain enzyme.


This article has only highlighted 7 anabolic foods. There are obviously many more foods out there that can enhance muscle growth.

Hopefully, these foods have inspired you to change your diet so as to experience more growth in the next couple of months.

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