Can a Woman take Anabol 25 Pills

Can a Woman take Anabol 25 Pills?

Woman Take Muscle Gains PillFor living a healthy life, it is important that you take sufficient nutrients through a well-balanced diet.

However, due to the differences in our metabolism rates and body structures, some people may not achieve their desired weight, or look.

Particularly for body builders, both male and female, taking safe supplements like D Anabol 25 is one way to achieve the ideal weight and build that they want.


D-Anabol 25 is a dietary supplement, designed to enhance weight training resulting in faster muscle mass gains, super strength and endurance.

YES – unlike dangerous steroids, this is super safe for ladies to take it!

If you a woman looking to have toned body with added strength and lean physique then you can go with D Anabol 25 and you will be glad you did!

This superior supplement was designed by Anabolic Research, a company known for its high-quality drugs designed for athletes.

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How it works

The D- Anabol 25 works in a very different way than dangerously packed steroids, but delivers even long lasting results and gains with added health risks.

It aims to improve the nitrogen your body is able to retain. This, in turn, improves the bodily functions by helping damaged muscles repair at a faster rate and by promoting a faster rate of muscle growth.

It also increases the level of energy prevailing in your body, by boosting the levels of nitric oxide circulating in your body.

This, as a result, increases not just size of the muscle, but also improves the strength of these muscles, helping you survive workouts tougher than before.

D- Anabol 25 pills for women

Women taking steroids has always been stigmatized, primarily due to the artificial testosterone present in such pills, which is often higher than testosterone levels prevalent in a woman’s body.

However, D- Anabol 25, formulated with all natural and 100% is currently use by women with good results. While the ban on steroids due to their side effects on women has its basis, D-Anabol 25 does not contain any side effects.

The reason for their effectiveness without any side effects for women, is primarily because of its nature based ingredients, such as the clary sage leaf extract.

Here is a list of these ingredients, along with their functions.

  • Rhodiola root powder: This ingredient improves stamina and strength, allowing the body to endure more intense workouts.
  • L- Arginine: This synthetic ingredient is actually an amino acid which is added for the sole purpose of increasing nitric oxide present in the body. It improves the oxygen flowing to the muscles, improving performance and reducing weariness.
  • Cyanotisvaga extract: This is an extract of the herb, Cyanotisvaga, which is very powerful, yet completely safe. It increases the protein and glycogen present in the various muscles, improving muscle repair rates.
  • Inosine: This ingredient is primarily designed to give the body an energy boost and improve the ability to endure strenuous exercise.
  • Fenugreek seed extract: Originating in Ukraine, this is a natural herb extract. It is nutrient rich, including various vitamins, protein and potassium, it offers health benefits, and also in achieving a lean figure.
  • Clary Sage Leaf Extract: This extract has various medical uses. Particularly for women, it boosts the growth of estrogen, enhancing overall strength. Moreover, it acts as an anti-depressant, anti-convulsive and anti-septic ingredient, which promotes a healthy digestive system.

Female Toning Exercise

Follow this Simple Daily Dosage

This drug comes in a 90 capsule package, and, while you should refer to your physician or dietician for the exact dosage that suits you, the manufacturer advises one bottle to be used for a 30 day cycle.

One capsule should ideally be taken thrice a day with 8 ounces of water.

A word of Caution

It must be kept in mind that this drug is not designed for children under the age of 18 years. Moreover, the purpose of this supplement is to help improve muscle mass, muscle strength, workout importance, and stamina. It should, therefore, not be recommended for, or used for weight loss purposes.

Women aiming aiming for weight loss, or losing body fat, should refer to other pills, such as the Var 10 50 or Clen. Or combine one of these with D-Anabol 25 for even more toned physique and beauty.


D- Anabol 25 is completely safe for women to use, given that the dosage and usage is recommended by a dietician. It is free of any side effects that other similar steroids may present.

It used for improvement in workout performance, gaining muscle mass and improving strength, and is not meant for losing weight.

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