Cutting Cycle Bodybuilding

Two effective cutting cycle bodybuilding for beginners

When doing a bulking cycle, you often need to eat excess calories to gain the mass you need. However, the excess calories and some bulking supplements may cause you to retain unwanted fat and water weight.

Naturally, the next step is to lose all that fat weight; hence, the need for an effective cutting cycle. This is why we have written this guide.

Top Cutting Cycle for LeanWe have included two powerful cutting cycle bodybuilding stacks to help you incinerate all that extra fat so as to reveal that muscle mass you have gained over the last couple of weeks.

The cutting cycles we have included in our guide can also be used by those who are overweight and would like to slash their body weight within a few short weeks.

What steroids have we considered for the cycles?

First and foremost, the steroids had to actually be effective. That was our priority. So everything steroid in our two cutting cycles is effective on its own and works even better in a cycle.

We have ensured that only the friendliest roids are in the two cycles. This is because these cycles are for beginners and we wanted to make sure that the newbies have the safest first-time experience.

The two most effective cutting cycles

First Effective cutting cycle for beginners (10-week cycle)

  • Test Enanthate (Test-e) at 250 mg per week for the first 8 weeks
  • Primobolan (Primo) at 300 mg per week for the first 8 weeks
  • Anavar 50 mg daily for the entire duration of the cycle

This cycle is regarded as one of the most powerful cutting cycles for newbies. The cycle not only facilitates fat incineration but also promotes the drainage of water weight increasing muscle definition in the process.

The functions of the steroids included in the stack are somewhat similar but they all synergistically contribute to serious weight loss. Test-e elevates your endurance and strength giving you the power to complete longer or more intense fat-burning exercises.

Similarly, primo is a popular fat-burner. It can help you lose up to 20% of your body fat weight within 10 weeks. Primo also builds lean muscle. While Anavar which is the base of this cycle is considered to be one of the best roids for stripping away visceral and abdominal fat.

Alternative cutting cycle for beginners (8-week cycle)

  • Winstrol (Winny) at 50 mg daily
  • Testosterone Propionate 100 mg daily
  • Primobolan 300 mg weekly

Winstrol forms the base of this cutting cycle. Just like Anavar in the first cycle, Winstrol is known for its potent fat-burning effects. It also dries excess water weight leaving and will leave you looking lean and mean.

Win also improves strength, power and speed, giving your frame the agility you need.

Testosterone propionate will help you build lean mass. It will increase endurance by facilitating the synthesis of more red blood cells. Higher endurance means you can run or train more, which in turn means you can lose more weight.

Test-p is also known to inhibit the production of glucocorticoid hormones which can trigger muscle catabolism (breakdown) and fat accumulation.

Now imagine the combination of these two steroids plus primo which is also a fat burner. The results will certainly amaze you.


The two cycles in these guide are known for their efficiency in shredding fat and draining water weight. The doses are such that they are unlikely to cause the known side effects associated with using steroids.

Nevertheless, you should always be careful. Stick the cycleCutting Stack Lean Mass and when done, take at least 10 weeks before starting another cycle. The 10 weeks should give your body the time to fully recover.



By strictly following the dosing on either of these two cutting cycles, you will be able to lose massive amounts of fat and water weight within a couple of weeks.

Remember you cannot lose weight by using steroids alone. You got to check your caloric intake and to implement a robust training regime.

Intense training will increase metabolism and the overall energy demand, while lower caloric intake will force your body to burn body fat for fuel helping you lose significant weight.

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