Steroid Cycle For Lean Muscle Building

Steroid cycle for lean muscle building

Best Natural Mass AnabolicsIt is extremely challenging to build lean muscle. This is particularly true if you are also trying to reduce your body fat percentage at the same time.

Most people don’t make the full transition from flabby with a popping “beer belly” to sculpted because they don’t use the right tools.

The right tools include a proper low-calorie diet, intense training, sufficient rest and some supplementation to double your muscle building efforts.

As for supplementation, you could take natural supplements. But since you are here, it is obvious you want to take the faster route that involves using steroids.

If that’s the case then welcome aboard. We are going to take you on a quick journey to lean mass in a jiffy.

“So what is the best steroid cycle for lean muscle building?”

The best steroid cycle for you will depend on your preferences because there are dozens of different steroid stacks that could help you cut weight and build lean mass at the same time.

Here are two selections from steroid experts:

The best 12-week cycle for lean muscle building

  • Equipoise at 300 mg per week
  • Test Cyp at 400 mg per week
  • Anadrol at 100 mg ED (every day) for first four weeks
  • Winstrol at 30 mg ED in the last four weeks

Equipoise (EQ) is perfect for lean mass, amazing cuts, increased vascularity and strength. Test Cyp reduces body fat and increases strength at the same time, while Anadrol boosts strength and endurance. And lastly, Winstrol is a fat cutting steroid par excellence and also builds a bit of lean mass.

The combined effect of all these steroids is a sexy, well-defined physique with very minimal body fat.

First alternative 12-week cycle for lean mass

  • Test-e at 500 mg per week
  • Equipoise at 400 mg first six weeks and 600 mg last six weeks
  • T-bol at 40 mg per day for the last four weeks of the cycle

Testosterone Enanthate is known for building mass and strength. Equipoise also does the same as explained earlier. T-bol (Turinabol) is a cutting agent that is frequently used by bodybuilders prior to contests. Stacking it with Test e and EQ will give you a lean mass and a well-cut muscle frame.

Second alternative 12-week cycle

  • Test P at 100 mg ED
  • Primo at 500 mg per week

This is a simpler and easier to do cycle. Test P will do the muscle-building while primo will essentially harden your muscles and reduce your waistline.


Any of these cycles can help you build lean mass. Remember you’ve got to combine the cycles with a good training regime, a decent diet and enough rest for effective results.

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