Steroids to Get Lean and Ripped

What Are The 2 Top Steroids to Get Lean and Ripped?

Let’s face it, the number one reason why most men hit the weight rooms in gyms all over the world is to get ripped.

Others might be doing to lose weight but most are usually guys of average weight looking to get big and lean. Guys wishing to look like Henry Cavil when he acted Superman.

However, most people just go about training as hard as they can expecting to get ripped and lean. But this is not the way the pros do it.

Apart from training, a proper balanced diet, plus adequate rest, pros also supplement their training with natural supplements and sometimes take steroids when they want superfast results.

In this guide, we show you the best two steroids that can be you lean and ripped within a month.

The two steroids are Anavar (we suggest legally safe Var-10) and Trenbolone (better to use Tren-75 pill).

These steroids are available in many western countries despite being regarded as controlled substances.

Legal roids get lean and ripped

How will Anavar get you ripped?

Anavar is a lab-made steroid that is mostly deployed during the cutting phase.

Anavar assists in building a lean muscle mass and reducing body weight in a number of ways. One way is that it decreases the number of glucocorticoid hormones in circulation. This reduces fat gain and stops the breakdown of muscle tissue.

Anavar also raises metabolism by increasing the rate at which fat is broken down (lipolysis) and consumed in the body.

Additionally, the steroid is also important in directly promoting the growth of lean muscle tissue.

Unlike other steroids that aromatize and cause estrogen-related effects such as an increase in water-weight and the growth of man boobs, Anavar does not aromatize.

It, therefore, doesn’t cause those side effects. It is known to be relatively safe when compared with more powerful drugs, that it is the only one users can recommend to women.

So its main purpose is to help you shed fat and water weight. The steroid that will make your muscles big is Tren.

How does tren work?

Tren is a powerful steroid that will help pack on lean muscle and burn off fat. It is known for increasing the rate at which the body creates additional muscle.

It does so by triggering the production of more IGF-1, a hormone that is extremely anabolic and promotes the creation and growth of muscle cells.

Tren also helps your body to retain more nitrogen, which is an important component of amino acids – the building blocks of protein.

Furthermore, the steroid is known for dilating blood vessels hence enhancing the vascularity of people who take it.

Conclusion and recommendation

Tren and Anavar are two of the most potent steroids for getting lean and ripped. Stacking them together can give you even better results and that killer physique you are aiming for.


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