Strength Loss During Cut?

How Do I Mitigate Strength Loss During Cut?

In bodybuilding, cutting is defined as reducing caloric intake to lose weight in the form of fat. In the process of cutting, it is inevitable that your large muscles are going to shrink a bit because of the reduced calories.

Lack of calories will mean less fuel to sustain the large muscles.

That’s why they will reduce in size. The reduction in size automatically means a reduction in strength as you will have less muscle fiber to do the same work your previous bulky muscles used to do when you were bulking.

So the situation is pretty common and there is nothing to worry about except, of course, the reduced strength! However, there are also a few ways you can prevent strength loss during cut training.

strength loss during cut

Here are a few popular suggestions:

  1. Take Cutting Supplement

Obviously many guys love taking steroidal stuff, though not a good idea but heck we don’t know if you are into PED?

Anavar is known to preserve lean body tissue even when your body is receiving reduced caloric intake.

The lean mass is fat-free mass. So you may be smaller in size in some places but you will still have your active muscles when you use Anavar. The lean muscle mass will ensure you don’t lose any strength.

If you are not into steroids, you will love the natural alternative Var 10 by It promotes the hardening and strengthening of muscle giving you a firm physique even as you cut.

So with Var 10, you will still be able to lift, bench press and curl the same kind of weights you used to do before.

  1. Proportionally eat more lean meats

So as we defined earlier cutting involves reducing caloric intake.

However, many newbie and intermediate bodybuilders do not know that they can actually reduce their caloric intake and still maintain their protein intake or eat even more protein.

For example, you need between 2600 and 2900 Kcal per day to build muscle. However, if you are a cutting you may reduce your daily caloric intake by 500 Kcal. So if you were consuming 2800 kcal per day, you could reduce that to about 2300 Kcal.

However, even with the reduction, you could still increase the amount of lean meat you are taking in your diet.

Again, using the example above, if you used to consume 2800 kcal and only 900 Kcal was protein, you could still reduce your overall consumption to 2300 kcal and increase your daily protein intake by to 1200 kcal per day.

Lean meats include the likes of beef, pork, goat, lamb and veal. They are known to significantly enhance strength without increasing your body’s fat composition.

  1. Proper recovery

If you are cutting, you will not have the same capacity to recover as fast as you did on a luxurious diet. So you need to rest more between workout sessions.

So if you used to train from Monday through to Saturday, you can skip Tuesday, Thursday to give your major muscles more time to recover.


By taking supplements such as Var 10, or better take the full cutting combo and eating optimal amounts of protein and giving your body time to recover, you can effectively remain as strong as you were before you started cutting.

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